5 Tips For Adding Music To Any Video

Adding Music To Video, Is one of the most important aspects of creating engaging video content. It is an important tool used by filmmakers and content creators to indicate tone and mood and keep your viewers hooked. When you’re editing a video to capture your audience, your music choice and placement is key. If you’re wondering how to add music to video, here are five important tips for adding music to any video. We’ll also discuss how Flixier – the online video editor – is the best way to add music to video.

Tip 1: Consider the mood of your video :

Music and sound are important to build the tone of your video, and therefore you should consider what emotions your music should convey. It’s useful to list out the moods you wish your audience to feel in the clip you’re focusing on. Do you want your viewer to feel happy? Is this a sad sequence? Is the video adventurous and energetic? Or do you want your content to feel reflective and sombre? Many royalty-free music sites will allow you to search for music by mood. Use their search tools to comb through music libraries to find tracks that match the tone you’re looking for.

Tip 2: Is the music foreground or background ?

When selecting the right video track, consider what role the track will play in your video. There are two main types of music: foreground and background. Foreground music is designed to the be the auditory focus of the clip. For example, a montage uses loud music to keep the viewer engaged. Background music on the other hand is designed to complement other sound, like voiceover or footage. Background music shouldn’t have any lyrics or loud noises that
could clash with your footage.

Tip 3: Be careful where you place your music :

The second tip involves the positioning of your music track. That’s where a video editor comes in. We recommend an online video editor like Flixier to add music to your video. With Flixier, you don’t need to download or install anything to add music to your videos. Video editors like Flixier have timeline views where you can carefully adjust the position of your music.

Consider, where do you want your tracks to start? Do you want the music to sync up with the visuals? Many creators choose tracks with distinct beats to match up video cuts with the tracks. You can achieve this with Flixier by using the ‘Split’ tool.

Tip 4: Adjust the volume of your music :

If you’re using music as a background aid, you should make sure the track isn’t too loud as to distract the viewer. Increasing the volume of music will ensure people notice it in your video if you want it to feature more prominently.
With Flixier, you can use volume keyframing to adjust the volume of your music during the video. You can lower the volume of background music during section of dialogue or voiceover, and increase it during silences.

Tip 5: Watch out for copyright :

While it can be tempting to use your favorite pop music as your backing track, this may be copyright infringement. If you don’t own the music track or if you don’t have permission to use it, your video could get taken down from platforms like YouTube or Facebook. There’s an easy solution to this – try royalty free music or tracks released under the Creative Commons. The YouTube channel NoCopyrightSounds has a large collection of CC music for you to use. With Flixier, you can import music directly from YouTube by pasting the link into the Import Wizard.

Make your perfect video with Flixier :

Taking those five tips in mind, it’s time to make your next video. Flixier is the best way to add music to video online for free. Get started at Flixier.com today!

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