Corey Sevier Wife Kate, All Facts You Need To Know

Corey Sevier Wife Kate, It is very difficult for a celebrity person to retain all the personal and private information within the four corners of their house. Sooner or later, it eventually breaks out of a window. Corey Sevier, a famous Canadian-born actor, and filmmaker might also have this issue with this. Fans are desperate to go deep into their celebrity’s personal space. For the same reason, our today’s topic hovers around Corey Sevier Wife, their marriage life, and offspring.

Corey Sevier was born Corey Daniel Sevier on July 3, 1984, in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Also known as Cor and Cory, Sevier is a mix of many ethnic races. He is the eldest child in the family.

His father, Bruce Sevier, is of French & Irish origin, while his mother, Lynda Sevier, originated from Norway. Corey grew up alongside his younger brother, Kyle Sevier, a production assistant and model.

Who is Corey Sevier Wife?

The North Shore star Corey Sevier is a married man. His spouse Kate Pragnell, is now Kate Sevier. However, Corey somehow managed to keep his relationship under the rug for a lengthy period. As a result, it is completely unknown how long they stayed in a relationship before marriage and when Corey Sevier married Kate Pragnell. As a result, the precise date of the wedding is not available.

In addition, moving on to Corey Sevier Wife Kate Pragnell, short bio, we found out she is a scriptwriter. Though very few details about her life and career were out there on the internet, thus our chances of getting adequate information about her were very slim. We do not know her birth date, early life, and family background. However, it is claimed that Kate is a writer who has few credits to her name. Some of them are Heart of the Holidays, Christmas in Toyland, Riverfront Romance, etc.

When was Corey Sevier wedding?

As of now, there have not been any details of their marriage and wedding obtained. The duo has remained tight-lipped about their wedding date and venue. Also, they have yet to share their relationship saga before the wedding. It is under review.

Do Corey Sevier and Kate Pragnell have a baby?

Corey Sevier, 37, happily tweeted a lovely shot of his newly born son on December 18, 2019. The Lassie star was known for maintaining his privacy all within himself, but on that day, he surprised everyone by posting a picture of his newbie on Twitter.

We guess Corey could not hold off his happiness when he laid his eyes on his newborn baby for the first time. And like a proud father, Corey immediately went on Twitter and announced the happy news. They are now residing in the United States as of 2022.

Corey Sevier Wife Kate, All Facts You Need To Know :

Corey Sevier and Kate Pragnell have done a great job keeping their private life to themselves. Even so, a little online sleuthing has revealed that while they now both share a career in Hollywood, that wasn’t always the case. According to her LinkedIn, Pragnell hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Environmental Biology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. According to the school’s Queen’s Laboratory for Ecosystem Geography (QLEG), Pragnell was a passionate student who spent 2009 to 2010 working on a research project titled “Dendrochronological studies of tall willow shrubs Salix sp. at treeline in the Ruby Range, Yukon Territory.” Since then, she’s transitioned over to film and has held a wide variety of positions, including script coordinator, assistant production coordinator, and creative development executive. However, most of her credits come from being a screenwriter. According to IMDb, she’s penned seven scripts for Hallmark as of 2023 and has gotten the chance to work with her husband on three of them. Namely 2020’s “Heart of the Holidays,” 2021’s “It Takes a Christmas Village,” and 2023’s “Take Me Back for Christmas.”

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