FGTeeV Chase Height, Weight, Age And Net Worth

FGTeeV Chase, aka Chase Ryan, was born on October 1, 2011. He features on his family’s YouTube channels “FGTeeV,” “TheSkyLanderBoy AndGirl,” and “FUNel Vision.” FGTeeV Chase started his YouTube journey when he was just two years old and has helped to grow the channel’s fan base. Ryan is keen on playing Roblox games.

About FGTeeV Chase :

FGTeeV Chase whose full real name is Chase Ryan Smith AKA Lightcore Chase is a very cute and popular American YouTube personality who is very famous for being the 2nd youngest member of the FGTeeV YouTube channel. His family is also known by the name Skylander family. 

FGTeeV Chase (Born on October 1, 2011, in the United States) is 12 years old with around 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Chase’s Background :

FGTeeV Chase, also known as Lightcore Chase, is the second youngest member of the  FGTeeV family. He was born to Vincent Ryan and Samantha Ryan. He has three siblings, two of whom are also famous YouTubers with their channels. His older brother, Mike, is known as Skylander Boy, and his older sister, Alexis, is the Skylander Girl.

FGTeeV Chase debuted on the family’s main YouTube channel in 2013. He has now become one of the most famous young YouTubers, appearing in several videos. He has also been featured on his brother’s YouTube channel, “TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl,” and “FUNnel Vision.” In 2015, when he was four years old, he was rushed to the emergency room to get stitches after running into a countertop cabinet. That same year, his family created a new channel, Doh Much Fun. The show is geared towards young children, telecasting bright and colorful videos about toys. He started Chase’s Corner on this YouTube channel. His content focuses on board games and toy reviews. He also contributes to the channel’s Chase Kitchen, where he cooks and makes desserts. “Doh Much Fun” has gained popularity over the years, with two million subscribers.

FGTeeV Chase has another show called “Chase Plays Everything” on the family’s main YouTube channel. He does this show with his father, where he plays games on his iPad.

Eight YouTube Channels Of FGTeev Chase :

1: IntellVEVO has over 600k subscribers.

2: FV FAMILY has over 9 million subscribers.

3: FGTeeV’ with over 21 million subscribers

4: Family Gaming SHORTS has over 2 million subscribers.

5: FUNnel Boy & Friends has over 8 million subscribers.

6: Beauty Shawn has over 400k subscribers.

7: The SkylanderBoy and Girl’ with over 2.5 million subscribers.

8: MUCH FUNHU has 2.7 million subscribers.

Apart from appearing on Chase’s parents and siblings ‘ YouTube channels, Chase also has his show, ‘Chase Corner.’He appeared on social media at the very young age of 2 when Chase’s parents introduced him to the YouTube audience.

Since then, Chase has appeared on many of his family’s YouTube channels.

Net Worth of Chase :

FGTeeV is currently only 11 years old and is too young to have an individual net worth. Moreover, Chase’s parents manage all his finances. Although Chase’s parents are affluent, he owns eight YouTube channels.

Furthermore, he has an estimated net worth of around $40 million. Also, Chase earns a majority of their income from their YouTube channels.

Channel Name Total Subscribers Total Views
FGTeeV (Main channel) 20.4M 21,864,561,391 views
TheSkylander Boy And Girl 2.66 M 2,383,531,775 views
DOH MUCH FUN 1.91 M 712,521,306 views
FV FAMILY 8.94M 7,897,101,865 views
Family Gaming SHORTS 1.53M 2.49M
IntellVEVO 578K 35,647,385 views
Beasty Shawn 252K 19,977,632 views

Conclusion :

FGTeeV Chase is one of the online nicknames of American YouTube Vincent Carter. Also, she runs popular family-oriented YouTube channels such as ‘FGTeeV,’ ‘FUNnel Vision,’ ‘FV Family,’ ‘TheSkylanderBoy and Girl’ and ‘DohMuchFun.’ Furthermore, Chase appears on these channels with his mother, Samantha, and four siblings.

Moreover, Chase covers many videos on the channel, including challenges, sports, reviews, travel notes, toys, music, and fun. However, he has specific content types that sometimes overlap with his YouTube channels.

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