Flixier, Edit Any Video On Any Device A Simple Review 2024

Flixier, when people think about video editing, they imagine expensive workstations, studios and beefy setups – and this is for good reason. Once upon a time, an editor would need powerful PCs with expensive graphics cards to handle the workload of video editing. However, with the advent of cloud-based online video editors like Flixier, those days are over. Flixier is a browser video editor that harnesses the capabilities of cloud computing to allow you to edit video from any device, anywhere in the world. Let’s explore how this revolutionary free video editor can achieve this, and why Flixier is best option for editing video on the go.

How does cloud video editing work?

When using Flixier, all the heavy lifting of video editing in handled by Flixier’s cloud computers. This means you aren’t using your own hardware to decode and encode video. In the same way that Netflix streams your movies or services like Stadia stream your video games, Flixier streams your video editing workstation through the internet.
When you’re importing your source files into the project timeline, your videos are uploaded to Flixier’s servers. Then, when you’re re-arranging your clips, adding effects and making cool edits, all the processing power needed is provided by Flixier’s data centers.
This allows users with underpowered systems like old laptops, aging workstations and even mobile devices to smoothly edit video in minutes.

Why Flixier ?

Firstly, Flixier offers you lightning-fast render times. Flixier uses a custom-developed rendering algorithm to encode your final videos. Traditional video editors like Premiere can take hours to export your final video. Flixier, on the other hand, boasts an impressive render time of less than a minute for short videos. Longer videos of 1-2 hours can be rendered in as little as three minutes!

This also means that your project files can be accessed anywhere in the world. All the work you’ve done on your video is saved in the cloud, and all you’ll have to do is sign in on a different device with your account to pick up where you left off. You can even use your smartphone and tablet to access your video project and continue editing! You can also share your project with colleagues and friends for true remote collaboration. Do you need your producer to check your work?

Do you want feedback from a mate? You can do this easily by sharing the link to your project for anyone to access your work. This, without needing to export a single video file. Using Flixier is much more affordable than working with traditional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Firstly these tools can set you back upwards of $50 a

Why Flixier ?

Even for free video editors like DaVinci Resolve, you’ll probably need to spend over $1000 on an expensive PC or MacBook Pro to handle the computing power needed for video editing.

Flixier is free to try, with the Free plan offering 10 minutes of export time per month and 2GB of cloud storage. This plan is great to test out Flixier if you’re not sure about using the service without any commitments.

Once you’re ready to use Flixier full-time, you can upgrade to the Creator tier for $10 a month. This unlocks 1080p FHD exports, removes watermarks and affords you up to 300 minutes of export time a month.

Get Started :

This doesn’t then account for the cost of upgrading components later down the line when your PC becomes out-of-date. You can make an account for free in seconds and get editing straight away in seconds.

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