How To Make Your Mobile Phone Unreachable ?

Mobile Phone Unreachable by read and understand this article. A break is much needed in this busy life. Break from all mess, from popping notifications to consistently incoming calls during your favorite match or series, is something every smartphone user has dreamt of.

You can live your dream with the most enticing trick that can help you make your Android, iOS or Windows phone unreachable for incoming calls without disrupting your incoming messages and outgoing calls. Make your mobile phone unreachable with no worries as you can get all the information about incoming calls even while you are out of the service area.

At times, people even remove their phone batteries, select networks manually or put in on airplane mode and a lot more.

Basic Step: Try Call Forwarding :

Almost all telecom service providers give this inbuilt feature to forward call on another number with an objective to make your call reachable if you are at a place that doesn’t have network.

Also, you can use this feature to divert your call to any random number. You can try forwarding your call to a number that is either invalid or fake, to make your mobile phone not reachable.

How To Set Up Call Forwarding ?

To set your phone on call forwarding, try below steps:

  • Then, Call settings.
  • Click on any SIM.

  • Now, turn on Call Forwarding menu to set up your phone to block incoming calls or make them unreachable.

Find Missed Call Alert Number :

To forward your call to a random number, find out a missed call alert number of your phone operator. Once you are done, go to your phone settings or call settings. Usually, a number is made available when you check on ‘forward call when not reachable’ tab.

Tricks To Make Your Mobile Phone Number Unreachable :

1. Make Changes To Network Mode

All smartphones nowadays have LTE mode in it that ensures high-speed network connectivity. In case, your smartphone doesn’t have a 4G network, but it does support 4G/LTE. Then simply put your network mode to 4G/LTE, it will make your phone number unreachable.

2. Select Network Manually :

To select your network manually, go to Settings> More Settings> Network Selection> Automatic or Manual. Now, choose manual and then wait for 10-15 seconds and your smartphone will show the available networks within your reach. Your smartphone will lose signal after this, which results in making your mobile phone number unreachable.

3. Put Your Smartphone In Flight Mode :

This is the easiest and simple trick to escape from someone’s calls. Keep your smartphone into flight mode to stay away from multiple and consistent buzzes around you. Flight mode on will let the network operator detect you are out of coverage area and reflects your number as unreachable.

4. Download Any Third-Party App :

You can try blocking out your smartphone using one of many mobile applications. The apps that tend to block mobile numbers can help you make your mobile phone unreachable too for particular callers.

5. Block Particular Number :

Block any particular number to make yourself unreachable. For this, you can use the inbuilt call blocking feature in Android devices. To make number unreachable when someone calls, add any number to blocklist to restrict getting calls from that particular number.

6. Forward Your Number To Landline Number :

The easiest trick to forward your call to any of your landline numbers and remove the receiver from the cradle. This will restrict a caller to reach you as he/she will find your mobile number out of coverage area.

7. Wrap Your Phone In Aluminum Foil :

Try wrapping your phone in aluminum foil to keep it unreachable for some time. To make this trick work best, ensure that you keep your phone somewhere with negligible or no network. Wrap it around your smartphone and ensure that you leave no spaces or gaps. To be sure, wrap your phone with two aluminum foils. You are all set to receive no calls, once done.

8. Fool Callers With Your SIM Card :

This is a random trick but works many times. You can try reinserting your SIM card but ensure you do not reboot your phone. Once you’re done with this, you will not get any calls until you reboot your device. When you are done making your mobile number unreachable when someone calls, restart or reboot your device.

These are the best tricks we can help you to make your mobile phone unreachable. Some of the tricks might sound silly, but believe me, they work. Try your hands on these tricks and enjoy some time away from your phone. Get relaxation from the chaos and have some much needed me-time.

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