Why Sending Handwritten Cards is still the best way to Communicate

Handwritten Cards, nowadays has never been this easy, and it was made possible by technological advancement in the world we live in. Our thoughts and ideas can now be quickly expressed via a few taps on our digital gadgets, every single keystroke on the keyboard enables us to send messages across the globe. Letters, notes, and cards are
now done electronically using digital connections where email and various messaging apps are the most preferred digital tool for communication.
Indeed, the art of handwriting seems to be forgotten in this age of too much digitalization. But do we really have to forget the power of this personalized stuff in this age of technology? Still, there are a lot of reasons as to why we need to relive sending handwritten messages. In our very busy world, anything personalized and handwritten is still way
better than email or digital messages for the following reasons:

An effective way of getting the message across :

It is true that emailing is the most preferred way of sending messages nowadays because of the convenience it gives to every user. It is also practical because sending virtually is instant at no cost. But we can’t deny how personalized handwritten messages have become an effective tool of communication in today’s technology-driven world. When we want to express feelings to a loved one, thank a colleague, or show appreciation to our business team and partners, handwritten notes and cards always represent a valuable message and genuine intent. Anything handwritten leaves a visual imprint and nostalgia which can effectively communicate the message from the sender to the receiver.

Sending the best business thank you cards can also be convenient nowadays with the help of mailing services that offer innovative handwritten cards, delivered to almost any part of the world. This type of service has a lot of advantages compared to the digital way of showing gratitude because their personalized product has a more authentic finish and a more personal touch.

Handwritten messages can create a lasting impression :

It is true that personal connections are being reduced when people depend much on electronic means of communication. In addition, digital messages in emails may cramp up inboxes, may be lost or deleted accidentally, or worse, left unread in spam or junk folders. However, a handwritten card or letter instantly provides a feeling of importance to the receiver which certainly creates an impact in terms of building a personal connection. The surprise we get from receiving handwritten cards is a memorable experience that we treasure in our lifetime.

Writing is worth keeping because it is a form or art :

The old-fashioned way of sending handwritten notes or cards is still worth propagating. The sentimental value and
everlasting memories they give are worth keeping and they don’t deserve to just disappear into the vastness of the internet. Keeping the art of handwriting alive amidst a digitally driven world will create more personal connections where appreciation is shown
on a deeper level.

In showing gratitude to anyone, sending handwritten notes or cards is still the best way
even today when people’s lives depend too much on science and technology. In a very
fast paced world, personalized handwritten messages are still effective because they
show the true intention of the sender, and they tend to give the feeling of importance to
the receiver.

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